Saturday, 24 August 2013

Our 39th trip - Gibraltar Farm - Silverdale part 2

Friday evening. The kids have gone to play on the rocks with the 50 or so other kids who are having lots of fun here in Silverdale. 
We all spend a small fortune on electronic gear like iPods and nintendos or kindles but all kids need is an outdoor setting with some rocks and trees and other kids to play with.
 So, we can see the rocks from our caravan and decide to watch a dvd on the laptop, this is quite unusual for early evenings because the tv channel choice is never ours. The tv is always on cartoons at home and if we try and watch some grown up tv, then the kids are too noisy or need something they can't reach or are fighting and suddenly our tv choice has finished or we have missed a crucial bit.
 Anyway, back to the dvd, we are halfway through watching it and I receive a phone call from my eldest telling me that our youngest is on her way back to the caravan, crying! I ask why and the answer is staggering. "because we wouldn't let her have a turn on the swing" I'm flabbergasted. This was easily fixable without involving us.
Anyway, we have now paused the dvd and by the end of the evening there hasn't been any opportunity to finish it. We decided to go and investigate why she couldn't have a go on the swing and it turns out that in the argument that had ensued before we got to the swing our youngest had run off with the stick which was the integral part of the swing so nobody else on the site could use it properly. I returned the stick to the new crowd of kids that were about to use a piece of wood as the seat, that had a large rusty nail through it!

On a walk through the trees, we came upon the clearing where the stone circle is (where the witches dance) and in the trees are several paper butterflies with little messages and poems on. 
Butterflies in the trees

Back in the van and the youngest wants to play Monopoly, so ensues over 4 hours of game play which lasts til midnight. I decide my best plan of action is to sleep through it.

 So here I am at 6am wide awake and writing some more waffly text for my blog. Just so that you know the process, I write it on my iphone which constantly tries to correct or guess the word that I'm currently writing and a few mistakes can easily creep in. Sorry! I then email it to myself so that I can open the email in the laptop to do the blog upload. Then connect my iphone to the laptop so that I can upload the photos. It probably takes an hour to do each page. 

Now that is a set of steps! on a touring caravan, I can't see them fitting through the door

Whoops, I forgot the groundsheet.