Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fruit Picking at Kenyon Hall Farm

The weather was sunny and we decided to go fruit picking at Kenyon Hall Farm near Culcheth.
We arrived with at 6.45pm and the closing time was 8pm, so we had plenty of time.
The place seemed pretty deserted and there appeared to be just 1 person on duty.
Half kilo tubs in hand we set off following the arrows to the strawberry fields.
After 20 minutes we found some old tatty strawberry plants intermingled  with lots and lots of tall weeds including nettles, brambles, thistles and ragwort.
I explained to my daughter all about how farmers have to leave a field fallow every year to maintain the nutrients in the soil.
Then I said that it looks like this farmer has all his fields in fallow or maybe he's selling weeds, who knows?
We noticed that there were several abandoned mostly empty strawberry pots that people had given up on because it was just too much hard work for them, picking strawberries.
We persevered and eventually found the raspberries and tayberries ( a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry) and managed to pick a couple of tubs. I had a few nibbles of the dessert gooseberries which were very nice and I hadn't previously tried these before.

We met another family who had visited last year and they said it was fabulous then and they were surprised that this year was so poor.
All in all we were all disappointed.
I can only presume that the weather over the last few months have caused problems for the farm.
I naively thought 3 weeks of sunshine would have made the fruit er fruity.

Strawberries are in here somewhere

It's a Tayberry

Dessert Gooseberries, yummy