Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dent Music and Beer Festival 2013 part 2

Dent Music and Beer Festival 2013 part 2

More photos taken at the festival and surrounding area.

 Volkswagen Caravanettes came to High Lanings campsite in Dent yorkshire en masse.

 The dog didn't want midges or was feeling cold or somethng
 Not many animals were harmed during the making of this festival of Music and Beer, well maybe this one didn't fare so well
 Dales Hog Spit BBQ I chose the middle one and they weren't impressed.
 The lady was a smoker and I didn't see any hand washing facilities between the front of the van where she was busy inhaling her tobacco smoke and the lovely cakes that were on sale.
 It's not a train, it's a pizza stall. Yummy
 The beer tent is on the right and the music tent is in the background
 We saw Molly later in the crowd enjoying the afternoon and evening, probably been drinking a bit too. Happy girl
 No socks or shoes when you are this drunk and the clothes looked homemade
 Tom managed to climb through a tennis racket. The strings had been removed previously
 The dogs were enjoying themselves, just shooting the breeze
 We had a barbecue and it was the best disposable barbecue we had ever used. Morrisons the supermarket was the supplier

 Our gas barbecue was vegetarian only and was ready to cook in about 5 minutes.
A quick tour of the festival hill.
 This was the view from the bottom of the hill and the lads in the middle looked like they were a band of musicians

 This man was wearing a skirt. I didn't like to mention it directly so I just said it here on this blog
 Look closely and the man in the checked shirt is balancing on a stick and it looks painful
 The guy on his hands and knees had an awesome tshirt which said, "That's the last time I'm calling the Enema helpline. They were very rude to me!" and on the back it had the warning symbol of a big X and the word IRRITANT.  Brilliant
 The midges were out in their millions and were biting, these people came prepared with a head net and a hessian carrier bag. Ingenious

 Above and below you can see some of the exhibits from the museum of old stuff which is on site at the campsite

 Above, the campsite is emptying, the holiday weekend is over and we all had to go home.
 We decided to have a quick hour's walk looking for a geocache and we found a nice steep hill and a strangely flat bottomed river bed, called dancing flags. Lovely place
 Surely there should be a river here.
 You can walk under this tree and it shows just how much erosion has taken place in the few hundred years that this tree has been growing
 Signrighters (sic) needed in this area. I love to find signs like this. In case you don't see it, the word view is spelt wrong.
 It's a lime kiln at Dentdale Yorkshire
Part of the river bed, minus an actual river.