Sunday, 9 June 2013

Day out at Myerscough College Open day

Sunday 9th June 2013
Today we went to Myerscough to visit their open day and country fair.
We set off at 10.30am for a 11am start, the journey should take about 30 minutes, so after 2 hours and 20 minutes of traffic jams and wayward sat navs, we arrived.
The sat nav incident was brought on partly by the fact that the open day flyer didn't have the address of the event on it, that I could see and the web had 5 different post codes for their different campuses.
Anyway, we arrived and duly handed over 15 quid for the carpark/entry fee along with about 10,000 other cars. Nice little earner for the college.
We got out of the car and some of our party decided they would spend the first 20 minutes (I kid ye not) stood in a queue to use a portaloo!
Myerscough college is an agricultural college and is massive with lots of different farm/animal and plant related areas of the campus.
There are lots of tractors and motor sport cars scattered about the place and I only took a few photos of these to give an idea, but there were lots of them about.
We stopped at the Sweet Stall firstly but I couldn't bring myself to buy any because the person in front had just been told that their bag of sweets was £7.80 and there didn't seem an awful lot in their bag.
Moving on we found the slot racers room (scalextric for the uninitiated), which was being hosted by a slot racing organisation from Blackpool (big kids). £1 a go, not too bad.
Next up was the Army inflatable which was free, which is my favourite price. The kids spent at least an hour on that whilst we sat and had our picnic. When I say picnic, I mean what was left of it,  because I'd eaten my sandwhiches in the car during our traffic jammed journey.
While the kids were building up a sweat I had a walk down to the helicopter called huey which was a Vietnam type chopper with machine guns on each side.
We had a wander around the motorcycle display team arena and a look at the rally cars and vw campervans.
Caravans were used in several of the stalls and I photographed them for this blog, it is about caravanning after all.
At about 4pm we stopped off at the horse arena and watched a display of miniature shetland ponies and a farrabella/cross shetland, they seemed well trained like circus ponies. After that there was an entertaining show between the students and teachers of the college, who seemed to be having a whale of a time.
The show was closing up at 5pm so we headed back to the car park and realised that we had missed maybe half of the show and hadn't realised how big the show actually was and so we will have to come back next year but set off earlier to arrive at the opening time instead of halfway through, so we can get around the whole show. Next years's myerscough open day is on 8th June 2014.
On the way to the car park it started to rain, up to this point it was glorious sunshine, so obviously when it starts to rain you head for the ice cream man. £14  later we all had small ice creams!
We found our way back to the cars and then sat in a queue for about 45 minutes before leaving the grounds and heading back onto the motorway to get home.
All in all an enjoyable day and I look forward to next year.
Enjoy the videos and please share, tweet and subscribe on youTube for me. Ta

Another vegetarian barbecue

On the way to Myerscough. Coke bottle says Laura

Owd Nells and Guys Eatery

The Entrance to Myerscough College

£15 per car for the carpark!

2 diggers - not dangerous at all

The first stall has a hearse next to it, not sure why, maybe floristry

Tractors on display

Quite a few tractors, it is an agricultural college, after all.

Fast Car

This car was later burning rubber doing donuts.

Ambulance display

A caravan, institute of advance motorists, well it is a caravan blog.

Another caravan, selling blood I think!

It's a tank

The Army are here recruiting

£3 for a 2 minute simulation harrier jump jet style

Big Queues at the ice cream man. £2 for smallest cone

More Tractors


Outside the bar, very civilised

Slot Racing for the kids

Arboriculture or tree climbing

A big kid on a tractor

It cuts grass when it wants to, not when you want to

Bouncy castle

An old tree

Bouncy castle Army style

Huey the helicopter

OOH big guns

Big Tyre

Fast cars

VW camper vans

Shetland ponies and fellabellas

Dunno what this is, but looks like fun

The Tank

The Bird

More info laters....