Saturday, 11 January 2014

Our 42nd Trip - Keswick - Oval campsite

We stayed 3 nights at Keswick Oval a c&cc campsite. It is just off the town centre and its location means you can walk to the town every day for meals and shopping.
As our sat nav got us within a few hundred yards we pulled out our emailed receipt and the site description lists 2 site names, derwentwater and oval; our sat nav says you have reached your destination. We can see a big camping and caravan club logo and the site name Derwentwater, so we pulled in and an angry man comes running out waving his arms saying we are in the wrong place. This entrance does say holiday homes only.
But we saw the logo and assumed we were at the right place.
Apparently our site entrance is further down the road 2nd on the right. We had to do a big sweeping uturn in their front carpark area. There wasn't much room and a nice chap moved a large potted plant out of our way.
The signage could have been better.
When we got to the 2nd on the right, we could see the c&cc logo but the word Oval was hidden/obscured behind the opened gate. Sloppy!
Anyway, we got there.
I backed into the pitch and unhitched but then my car wouldn't start, I thought maybe the 100 motorway miles and the big climb over Shap on the M6 had maybe overheated it.
I could hear a whirring sound, which I thought was maybe a cooling fan.
Then the smoke started coming out of the engine.
We quickly emptied the car of all our belongings and I was about to call 999 to get the fire brigade out, but then the smoke and whirring sound stopped.
I called out Green Flag and under an hour later a local Garage came to have a look and diagnosed that our starter motor had stuck on and that it was very hot.
He then towed it away. The following day and £250 later I had a new starter motor fitted and we were mobile again.
For those of you who follow this blog (Thanks Mum) Here is a link to our last visit to Keswick where this same car broke down previously Keswick is jinxed for us

Here are some photos.....

Large BSOD

Onesies spelt wrong!

Whinlatter Forest